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Where Cleanliness Meets Compliance

 Expertise in JCAHO Preparation for Hospitals.

Welcome to HudMed USA, your trusted partner for comprehensive medical equipment and facility sanitization.

Our skilled technicians are dedicated to ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of procedural tables, medical equipment, and spaces using cutting-edge technologies.

Experience the HudMed difference as we elevate cleanliness and safety standards in healthcare.

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Our Services

Full 360 Degree Room Disinfection

Including walls, floors, ceilings, vents, windows, window sills, door jams, rolling stock, equipment, lights, chairs, booms, etc.

Surgical Table Disassembly & Deep Cleaning

Our team dismantles all surgical tables, removes contaminants, cleans, disinfects & and restore them to an "as good as new" condition. Rust remediation is provided.

Rolling Stock & Equipment Restoration

Equipment is inspected and wheels and casters are replaced.  Rust Remediation including rust removal & application of
bonding rust  primer and encapsulating paint  are performed

Decontamination Area Comprehensive

We conduct thorough cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces in the decontamination areas,  as well as sanitizers and cart washers.  

Our Work

See the transformative power of our deep cleaning expertise in hospitals

Client Testimonials

See what our clients are saying about the services provided by HudMed technicians.

About Us

At HudMed USA, our story begins with a critical need identified by hospital administrators. Recognizing the paramount importance of a clean and safe healthcare environment for patients and staff, our founder pioneered a comprehensive deep cleaning and disinfection program. This program, developed in response to customer input, addresses the challenge of maintaining the highest cleanliness standards in areas like the SPD Decontamination Area and Prep & Pack. These areas often accumulate significant dirt particle buildup due to time constraints and staff shortages, making our services an industry leader.

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