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Exceptional Service Founded on

Integrity, Quality, and Preservation

We’re fully committed to delivering complete client satisfaction.

HudMed, based in New Jersey, specializes in procedural table and stainless steel maintenance. Our expert team handles welding, rust removal, painting, casters, and deep cleaning. We make your equipment look "good as new" to maximize its life.

In addition to maintenance, sanitizing and disinfecting hospitals is another expertise. Using advanced technology, our certified team combats bacteria, mold, and viruses proactively to prevent costly and life-threatening issues.

Our journey began when healthcare administrators recognized the need for a clean and safe environment. HudMed emerged to provide exceptional maintenance and sanitization services specifically designed for medical settings. With skilled technicians, we excel in maintaining procedural tables and stainless steel equipment, ensuring patient safety and equipment longevity.

We are your committed partner in delivering top-quality healthcare. Join us in our ongoing story of excellence, making healthcare safer and more efficient.

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Our Values


HudMed technicians are held to the highest standards when it comes to the quality of their work. We have robust training programs that all technicians and employees take part in. Our senior technicians are certified biomedical engineers. We employ former hospital environmental service staff as well as certified surgical technicians.


Quality is our number-one focus at HudMed. Our technicians take great pride in ensuring the highest level of workmanship at each facility. Your equipment will be restored to “like new” condition.


At HudMed, we know how expensive hospital equipment is. It is our goal to keep your equipment in top working order so that you can use the equipment for years to come.

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